Indonesia Residency 2017

UK/ID 2016-18





JULY 2017: Emily Gray (Curator)

Graduating with a master in Curatorial Practice from Glasgow School of Art in 2016, Emily has previously worked for a number of arts organisations including Associate Director of Salem Art Works and Curator at Scottish Sculpture Workshop. Recent projects include Grab a Chair, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Platform:2015, Edinburgh Art Festival, William Hunter to Damian Hirst: The Dead Teach the Living at the Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow and the weight of things, Glasgow School of Art.

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SEPTEMBER 2017: Josette Chiang (Artist)

Josette Chiang is a Chinese-British artist. Her work includes drawing, sound, text, performance, video, installation and sculpture. Referencing geology, mythology, Chinese cosmology and systems of measurement, her recent work is about the perception and nature of change within the built and natural environment. She creates narratives that communicate the interplay between culture, science and landscape. She explores ways that social interaction contributes to emotional experiences of place.

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In Situ Artist-In-Residency (AIR) was initiated by Platform3 in 2014 with the emphasis on artist’s thematic and artistic development through adaptation, interaction and research. This program offers 2 options:

1. temporary or process-based project that responds current condition around Platform3 and Bandung, or

2. studio-based project in which artist can improve his/her thematic and artistic practice with assistance from Platform3 members and network.

Platform3 facilitates participant with weekly meeting, artist talk and work presentation. Platform3 will conduct consultancy/discussion with Board of Advisors consisting of Indonesian artists and curators with national and international experiences. Artist can also request assistance to arrange discussion/research session with preferred resources related to artist’s artistic/thematic interests.

Platform3 is an independent organisation currently running without any external financing. At the moment we manage to host artists on a fee basis.