IN SITU 2016 Artist: Monica Hapsari

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We are happy to welcome Monica Hapsari, our current IN SITU artist-in-residence. Based in Jakarta, Monica is an artist, illustrator, fashion stylist and musician. Her illustration works and styling has appeared in many magazines, fashion events and collaborations with fashion designers. Monica is also very active in music, her band Voyagers of Icarie and Pandai Besi are considered reputable in today’s local indie scene.

Monica has been making artworks that delivered her thoughts of fashion world. Monica often combines drawing and other medium, creating visuals that often times are blends of her illustrative style and her academic background in kriya tekstil (textile craft). Recently. she started to explore her reflection towards spiritual matter. During this residency program, Monica intends to find out how to translate her spiritual concern by focusing on visual explorations.