FOCUS No.5: Erik Pauhrizi/Erika Ernawan “The Artist’s Storage”

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FOCUS No. 5:




“The Artist’s Storage”


April 29 – May 21, 2016


Opening: Apri 29, 3PM

Artist Talk: May 6, 3PM

Opening hour: Tue-Sun 12.00-18.00


This project started as we invited Erik and Erika as an attempt to present a collaboration between artists in form of exhibition. Collaboration between artists can be very challenging yet refreshing both for artists and audience; on the other side, the collaboration practice is never an easy process.  It is never easy, for mostly artworks are viewed as a personal work. “I” always presents in creation process. Thus, in a collaborative project, “I” will face another “I”.


Considering Erik and Erika’s personal relationship, they are no stranger to collaborate with each other, yet they often stand on different spectrum in terms of methods and ideas. Responding our invitation as FOCUS artists, Erik and Erika decided to re-observe their previous works and decided to recreate -or possibly, “recycle”- their older works. During the process. they seem to carefully observe their own body of works and their career history, and also examine how artworks are distributed in the existing art world. In “The Artist’s Storage”, Erik and Erika will present a series of installation that takes form from their personal view towards artists’s career and distribution in art world.




Erika Ernawan (born in Bandung, 1986) has been producing works since 2009. She has participated in a number of art exhibitions in the cities of Indonesian cities of Bandung, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bali and Surabaya. She has also exhibited her works abroad, including a residency in Berlin in 2011, inclusion of her work in the Indonesian Pavillion for Artstage Singapore in 2013, and most recently participating in SHOUT! Indonesian Contemporary Art exhibition in the city of Rome in 2014 and in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. In 2011, she was awarded second place winner in the Bandung Contemporary Art Awards, for her artwork ‘Mirror Sees Me’ Series.


Erik Pauhrizi (born in 1981) is currently a Meisterschüler student under Professor Michael Brynntrup (experimental video/film) and Professor Dörte Eißfeldt – Prof. Sean Snyder (photography) of Freie Kunst Programme, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig/HBK in Germany. Erik focuses on Post-Colonial issue through conceptual approach; he often utilizes text, drawing, painting, photography, video/film, object/installation to analyze how human figures are represented in political culture. Erik has exhibited his works in Indonesia, Australia, Austria, Egypt, New Zealand, China, Germany, France, Phillipine, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, India ,Spain, England and Libanon, including his solo exhibitions”The Poison of Our Sins” in New York, 2010. In 2014, he won an award from freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL/ MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, Austria for artist residency and exhibition, In 2010, Erik received grants from Asian Cultural Council for his research on artist run-contemporary art space.